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I'm Down Here Drinking Belikin Beer... Belize CD

Belize Vacation Memories Package Deal

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Vacation Memories Package
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For those who have been to Belize... but now are back in the real world of bailouts, home foreclosures, high gas prices, bankruptcies, layoffs, and... bosses we don't like (if you still have a job that is!)... here is your "Belizean Oriented Stimulus Package".  Hey, it's the next best thing to actually... Going Back To Belize!

This is what's included in this package... 
(1) CD, "What We Belize In" ... this is the essential CD for those who have been to Belize.  It's got em all.  Everything from "Drinking Belikin Beer" to "You Better Belize It".  And yes, it does include:  "Going Back To Belize".
(2) CD, "Tequila Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride! ... this is a tropical rockin' CD full of songs about life on the beach, tiki bars and "livin' on Island Time".  Plus, it's got:  "In Belize, It's A Breeze".
(3) T-Shirt, "What We Belize In" caption with colorful sailboats and nautical flags.  This cotton tee  shirt comes in size Medium, Large and X-Large.  (Please use the "instructions to merchant" section to specify t-shirt size).
(4) Belikin Beer Coasters... yeah Mon!  These are the "All The Girls" collection which come in a set of 5 coasters.  These coasters have become collectables so be sure to treat em right when you get em.
(5) One Belize One Dollar Coin and one Belize Two Dollar Bill.


Belizean Oriented Vacation CD...
Belizean Oriented Vacation CD
Everything From "Drinking Belikin Beer" To "You Better Belize It".

Fun, Tropical Rockin' Escape To The Islands CD...
Tropical Rock CD
Includes "In Belize, It's A Breeze".

The "What We Belize In" T-Shirt...
Belizean Oriented T-Shirt
Show Em What You Belize In!

The "All The Girls" Belikin Beer Coasters...
Belikin Beer Coasters...Front Side
Belikin Beer Coasters...Back Side
Five Coasters Per Set.

The Beautiful Belizean One Dollar Coin
Belize One Dollar Coin

Belize Two Dollar Bill
The Belizean Two Dollar Bill

Belize Vacation Package...
2 CDs, 1 T-Shirt, 5 Belikin Beer Coasters  and One Belize One Dollar Coin and One Belize Two Dollar Bill.
$39.95 Plus $2.95 S&H
(Use "instructions to merchant" section to specify t-shirt size or send a separate email.)

*****  SPECIAL NOTE  *****
Your order will be processed quickly and securely by PayPal and you do not have to be a member to use this service.
GUMBOLIMBO is a PayPal verified merchant.  We only have a limited quantity of the Belikin beer coasters.   If we run out of them we'll provide a three dollar rebate to your order instead of the coasters. The T-Shirts are available in Size: Medium, Large or X-Large.  Please use the "instructions to merchant" section when ordering to specify t-shirt size. 
Thanks, and remember... "You Better Belize It".

Ron Bertrand In Belize

Thank you so much for visiting my "drinking Belikin beer" website.  This has been an exciting year for me in that my new CD, "Tequila Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride!" has become very popular among those who enjoy folk style rock with a tropical theme.  The title track has also been selected to be included on a complilation CD being produced by "Meet The Phlockers" and proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to MDA.  Additionally, I have been selected by "Bookbag Santa, Inc." to be their official musician for 2010.  As such I will be accompanying this nonprofit organization to Belize for charitable causes.  I consider this an honor and will do my best to help this organization as best I can.  Please see their Link at the bottom of this page to learn more about what they do and how you can help if you care to become involved in a good cause. 
Calypso Bertrand


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Belikin Beer  -  Brewed In Belize
"Calypso Bertrand Has Left The Marina!"
Note: The song, My Carib Girl From Dangriga, was inspired from a day trip tour of the Mayan Ruins Altun Ha and the Maya site at Xunantunich in the heart of the Belizean Rainforest.  All of the songs on "What We Belize In" were written in the tin roof cabana  - cottage - located behind the Seaview Hotel - Barefoot Beach Belize - on the island of Caye Caulker.